Palm Gardens is a unique and exclusive distributor of professional floral, interior and exterior landscaping and maintenance service in UAE.

Palm Gardens is specialized in supplying superior interior landscaping and in offering the best in terms of design, range of products, rear plants and ongoing nursing care for Hotels, Offices, Shopping Malls, Villas & Commercial Projects etc...


  • Plant Installations
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Preserved Palms
  • Plant Containers
  • Replica Trees
  • Plant Walls

Below are some excerpts of our successfully completed projects (which are constantly maintained with the interests of our partners.



    Palm Gardens can provide a complete turnkey project on efficient automatic irrigation system and landscaping from the design stage to installation and maintaining in regular intervals.

    Addition of plant materials from many of the world’s major climatic zones adds incredible beauty to any landscape and leaves the user feeling welcome and relaxed on what would otherwise be a bland, uninspiring and possibly inhospitable environment. And we feel God’s own creation.

  • Palm Gardens offers you professional assistance & expert advice to realize your beautiful garden into a reality. We guide you holistically on the way to your individual and family garden whether it is small or ample, we ensure to make this a paradise.
  • Palm Gardens is situated right in the heart of Sharja and in the lap of Dubai. We are your full-fledged professional Partner with sophisticated machineries for garden design, maintenance and landscaping in UAE both with antiquity and modernity.
  • Our top priorities in carrying out the works are Reliability, Professional Skill, Quality, Customer Satisfaction, timeliness etc...
  • We would like to draw your attention to our services.... Our public works projects include lately..... Hotels, Offices, Shopping Malls, Villas & Commercial Projects etc...
  • Our areas of work include Flower delivery, Construction, remodelling and maintenance of indoor and outdoor gardens of any kind with environmental protection.


    Our Spectrum of Service includes same day delivering in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharja and delivering worldwide. We are always within your reach by all means to exceed your high expectations with modern demands.
  • “Gardens are the mirrors of the soul”, the philosophers say. For us gardening and landscaping is not merely a field work or the use of sophisticated technology, but primarily a question of attitude focusing on nature and environment. So we proudly feel our job as a vocation and commitment. The professional touch of our well-trained nurses as landscape gardeners and designers can transform any outdated gardens and turn it to a veritable paradise for your delight.


  • Our goal is to make your garden a place more beautiful than you would have been ever imagined. With our extensive experience in gardening and landscaping, we can individually assist you to realize your dreams and plans with first class quality. We depend on your taste and discover the diversity around the design of your garden. Your ideas lead us and our guidance in turn makes prompt execution of your expectations.
  • A Garden is never static!” We accompany you on your way to your individual gardening and landscaping. Our tasks consist of the restoration of desolate areas and sensitive restoration of gardens.
  • Green-designed gardens and landscape areas are particularly positive image carriers. They always convey a certain impression of the building to its visitors and customers. They also increase the value of the work environment and the well being of the employees. These Green Spaces are places of communication. They are primarily valued as a “green lung” of the industrialized urban areas. We ensure eco-design having the modern ‘fashion’ of eco-consciousness in our mind.


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It is quite fascinating & stunning to watch how plants grow and thrive so gorgeously!

  • Palm Gardens provide professional & experienced staff with enthusiasm and creativity for your offices and gardens to care and nurse the plants at regular intervals. We are glad to replace those plants that fall below your high standards of expectation in your prestigious and esteemed company.
  • We achieve the best results of natural fertilization, generous planting distances etc...
  • We understand your every need and implement it skilfully. We provide first-class quality in installation and ensure maintenance from mowing to tree care and rehabilitation.
  • We ensure and observe everything about the growth characteristics of plants, such as height, width, growth rate, life criteria etc...

    We plan a long-term and aesthetically harmonious garden with different competitive ability, all the care required and the species and specific habitat requirements in terms of soil, moisture and sunlight. Because an improperly maintained green area degenerates and many of our intended functions can no longer perform its duty



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